What is an electric bicycle?

It is a bicycle that incorporates a pedal aid system. It consists of a motor, a battery and a control system integrated into a traditional looking bicycle. It allows you to go farther, faster and with less effort.

Why an electric bicycle?

Because with the Carmela24 you can go further with less effort.

You will help reduce the number of cars in cities, improving air quality and safety in the streets.

Cycling is health, and stress decreases.

In addition, it does not require payment of taxes, obligatory insurances or driver’s license.

Do I need to pedal?

Yes, but pedaling is assisted. Depending on the effort and speed, the bicycle responds with the level of help you need.

Is there a registration?

No. In accordance with European regulations (EN 15194: 2009), electric bicycles are considered conventional bicycles, for the purpose of circulation, provided that:

  1. The assistance of the engine is carried out only when pedaling.
  2. Pedaling assistance is limited to 25 km/h.
  3. The rated power provided for the assistance (engine) is at most 250W.

The rest of motor bikes are considered electric mopeds. Therefore, they do not need to be licensed, insured or registered.

Do I need a driving license? And insurance?

You do not need a driving license to drive the Carmela24. You do not need insurance

Can I ride it on road?

Yes, since the rules of electric bicycle circulation are the same as conventional bicycles.

Do I need a helmet?

It depends on the regulations of each city. Carmela Bikes  always recommends using a helmet.

What maximum speed can I go?

You can go as fast as your legs will allow you to, as long as you respect the rules of circulation. Find out about the regulations in your city’s bike lane, speed is limited for everyone’s safety.

What makes it different from other e-bikes?

Carmela24 is simplicity and innovation. The lightest electric bicycle with a 24 “wheel. A bionic bicycle with the Best Design Award of the Year 2018, awarded by the ADI-FAD.

With only 15 kg, universal size and a very simple and intuitive interface. Carmela24 avoids unnecessary complexities. With bionic behavour, a smart bicycle that will assist you according to your pedaling and depending on the situation where you are. A strong slope? This bike gives you the strength you need.

With quality components, transmission belt, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and internal margins. Handlebars and folding pedals, to be able to keep it easily.

Designed and mounted in Barcelona.

What material is the frame done?

The panel is aluminum 6061T6.

Are there more colors?

We like the simplicity white conveys. At the moment, it is the only color.

How many models are there?

There is only one single model.

How much does it weigh?

15 kg with battery included. It is the lightest on the market with a 24 “wheel.

Where is it manufactured?

It is designed and assembled in Barcelona. We have selected the suppliers who have understood the concept of Carmela Bikes and have been able to develop their product in the best possible way under our demands. We have made a great team from around the world.

If it rains, are the electronic components affected?

No, the bicycle is designed to be used outdoors. It has been tested and certified.

Are there more sizes?

The size is universal, a single size for everyone, although it is advisable for people between 1.50m and 1.90m and a maximum weight of 110kg.

About the battery

What is the battery life?

The battery life is approximately 50km. It can vary depending on weight and manner of riding.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

4 hours to reach 100%.

How much does the battery weigh?


Is the battery safe?

Yes. It is tested and certified. It does not constitute a danger whenever as long as modifications are not carried out or it is treated in a contra-indicated manner. For more information, you can check the Carmela24 manual here.

How long will the battery last?

To reduce the maximum battery capacity from 100% to 80%, 500 charging cycles are needed.

What is the difference between Power and Eco mode?

In Eco mode (yellow), the engine gives the same force to the front wheel as you do on the back. In Power mode (green), this pedal assistance is multiplied by 3.

Can I charge my cell phone with my battery?

Yes, as long as the battery is disconnected from the bicycle. There are two USB ports on the bottom where you can charge your mobile and other devices.

What is the boost?

It is an aid for specific moments. Increase pedal assistance by 40%. Perfect for starts and slopes.

How do I know how much battery I have left?

On the power button there are 8 green LEDs that, when are all on, indicate 100% of the battery. As the battery runs out, they go off one by one.

Can I use the bike without the battery key?

It works the same way. You just need the key to extract it.

Why can’t I turn on the battery while riding?

The control that measures the force to the pedal is calibrated when the battery is turned on. In order for this value to be equal to zero, it is necessary that no force is applied at the time of calibration.

Does it work without battery?

Yes, just like any other bicycle without assistance. With no battery it is just a traditional bike.

If the battery runs out, will the bike stop?

No. You can continue to use it as if it were a traditional bicycle.

About the folding

How is it folded?

To fold the handlebar, you have to press the red button that is in the power and change the position of the easy closure. It can be done with one hand effortlessly.

To fold the pedals, simply push the outside face of the pedals and turn 90 degrees.

How do I straighten the handlebar straight after folding it?

Simply rotate the handlebars until you reach the limit. At this point, the handlebar will be perfectly in line with the wheel. You just have to tighten the quick release to fix it.

About components

Why use a belt drive?

It is the most suitable option for a bicycle that aims to be silent, clean, simple and have minimum maintenance. Its useful life is 8,000km.

What is the difference between belt drive and chain?

The strap is cleaner, quieter and has a longer shelf life. The chains have an approximate useful life of 5,000km while the strap system has a life of 8,000km.

How do I change the gears?

At the right handle of the handlebar you can change the ratio of the margins. Three speeds lodged inside the rear bushing in a planetary gear system.

Does the bike have a bell?

Yes of course! This is very important.

Can I move around with the bicycle stopped?


What does it mean to be bionic?

Bionic means that depending on the situation the bike adapts to you. It incorporates a torque sensor that analyzes effort and speed. When pedaling becomes harder, it increases the level of help.

Why is the engine in the front wheel?

Having it there keeps the bike in perfect balance, it also reduces maintenance costs and does not wear out the transmission. It implies that the bicycle has two motor wheels: the one of the rear turns with the physical force, transmitted by the belt, and one in front produced by the assistance of the battery.

What power does the engine have?


Why 24 " wheels?

It is a size that allows the maneuverability of the smaller wheels (20 “or 16”) and at the same time has the stability of larger wheels (26 “).

Because it is more maneuverable than a small wheel  and more stable than a bigger one (26”)

What pressure should the wheels be inflated to?

The recommended pressure is 4 bars.

Where can you buy accessories?

On the web of Carmela Bikes you will find all our accessories. In addition, you can also use those accessories with Klickfix anchorage.

Where can I buy the Carmela24?

On our website www.carmelabikes.com or any of our distributors. Check your nearest physical store here.

How much does it cost?

The price of the Carmela24 is € 2,250.

Do you send it to me at home?

Yes. During the purchase process we will ask where you want us to send it. Shipments are made to all countries of the European Union.

Can I pick it up at a store?

Yes, you can look for the Carmela24 for any of our distributors. Check your nearest physical store here.

Is VAT included?

Yes, all prices include VAT.

How much is the shipment?

You will have free shipment for purchases higher than 150 €

What are forms of payment and delivery terms?

Payment is made by bank transfer, or payment by credit or debit card.

The delivery period is 5-7 business days. Depending on the destination country or city.

Is payment secure?

No doubt! Electronic payment is extremely reliable. We work continuously so that you feel safe introducing your payment information on the web Carmela Bikes. Our website uses a secure payment system SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Where can I repair or maintain the Carmela24?

We recommend visiting our distributors, they know our bicycle as well as ourselves. Check the nearest distributor here.

If you do not have a dealer nearby, please contact us through the mail service@carmelabikes.com

What is the warranty on Carmela24?

Carmela24 has a two-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

What can I do if I find a crack or a problem with my bike?

Send an email to service@carmelabikes.com with an explanation of the problem with the bicycle and photographs of the affected part.

Can I register my warranty?

You can register your warranty on our website. You just have to fill out this form.

Can I try a bike without purchase obligation?

Of course. You can visit us at Diputació,286 Barcelona, or check your nearest physical store here.

If you do not have a store near your usual address, you have 15 days to return the bicycle if you do not consider it the bike you were looking for.

Can I return it if I do not like it?

Yes, from the moment that the carrier delivers the bicycle to the meeting point (private address or click and collect store) you have 15 calendar days to get in touch with us by phone or by e-mail customer service@carmelabikes.com

Click here to read return policy

How is a refund made?

Send an email to service@carmelabikes.com and we inform you about the procedure to follow.

I want to distribute the Carmela, with whom should I contact?

You can send us an email to info@carmelabikes.com or call us at +34 931 187 533.

Why be a distributor of Carmela24?

You can market a different and innovative product. A bicycle awarded with a Golden Delta ADI-FAD Prize, as the best design of the year 2018.

In addition we control the entire manufacturing process. We guarantee an exhaustive quality control of our products. By the hand of Biciclot, specialists in bicycles since the 80’s, we assemble in Barcelona and we review each bicycle before being delivered.

Which countries do you sell the Carmela24?

We will serve its products offered by the webpage only to countries included in the European community.

If you are a distributor or a group that is interested in acquiring a fleet of bikes, you can contact us by email at info@carmelabikes.com

In how many languages can I navigate?

Carmela Bikes website is translated into 5 languages.

Can I receive regular information about Carmela24?

If you wish to receive information on a regular basis on Carmela24 and its products, you can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here.

You can also follow us on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

To unsubscribe from the newsletter you just have to write an email to info@carmelabikes.com

How can we ensure that I have done my purchase well?

Once the payment of your order has finished, you will receive an email with your confirmation. If you do not receive it, write to service@carmelabikes.com

Can I remove any items from my shopping cart?

Yes, from the shopping cart you can eliminate the products that you do not want anymore, provided that you have not finished and processed the order.

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